What Will The Onosys Catering Solution Do?

Here at Onosys we're putting a lot of thought into our upcoming catering offering. Currently, Onosys handles catering orders for our brands similarly to how we handle online orders.

In reality, however, when a catering order hits the kitchen, it's a very different type of order than a regular takeout order. It takes a lot of preparation and a lot of planning to execute properly. To accommodate this, we are developing a unique, behind-the-scenes tool set that you won’t get with just any online ordering platform.

There's certain advanced features that we're building into our platform like organizational relationships. If you have an organization that orders from a restaurant on a regular basis, but maybe from multiple different departments, they need separate invoicing types, our system will be able to understand that.

Can you currently invoice two different departments in the same organization? Do you have that structure defined in your catering platform? Do you have gated workflows, where you can give a quote to a customer that then needs to get approval by a business leader before you can actually execute on that quote?

And then when they're ready to execute, can you go ahead and get that order in place and scheduled? What about house accounts? Are you able to take multiple orders over the course of a month or a quarter and invoice them one time with their house account, on a regular basis, instead of having to invoice on every single order?

These are just some of the catering solutions we're working to implement into the Onosys platform. We’re also working on case management and tracking the different tasks in preparing and delivering an order so you can make sure you can be in a position to be able to resolve issues as they come up. Tracking each step will also allow you to serve your customers at a higher level and make them want to keep coming back.

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