Why Onosys?

With over 17 years of experience building ordering platforms for restaurants, we believe brands deserve an ally and solutions designed to fit them versus a one-size-fits all approach to digital customer experiences.

Own Your Brand

Never compromise your brand for rigid templates and inflexible systems. Onosys fits seamlessly into your brand with a support team that listens to the customizations you want.

Grow Revenue

Our digital experiences have a proven track record of driving sales by increasing conversion rates, ticket averages and repeat purchases.

Expand Margins

Maximize the profit of every digital transaction through location item-level pricing, labor scheduling tools and lower third-party integration fees.

Reduce Operational Friction

Seamlessly integrate digital orders into your back of house operations with unit-level settings, labor scheduling tools and integrations with your full tech stack (POS, loyalty, payments, gift cards, third-party marketplaces and more).


Omni Channel Ordering

Let customers control their ordering experience with our full suite of ordering solutions that increase order size and keep your brand front and center.

Call Center

Take every guest call and integrate those orders directly into your POS.


Integrate your catering program into your digital ordering solution and keep it simple.

Native Apps

Most orders come from mobile phones, so combine your loyalty program with an app.


Build your own ordering experience and host it however you want with our Storefront API for web and native applications.

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Comprehensive Delivery

Own your customer relationship with our integrated delivery solution that enables you to choose the delivery operation that works best for your restaurant.


Power your in-house fleet with a suite of delivery functionality.


Take delivery orders directly from your branded online site and leverage third-party delivery providers.

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Partners & Integrations

Being the industry-leading expert in online ordering platforms for restaurants, we know every restaurant uses a unique software combination. That’s why we integrate and partner with all of them.

Point of Sale
Gift Card
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Why We Do It

The way people are buying meals has evolved quickly,

that's why we are focused on helping restaurant brands with their digital transformation journey by implementing custom web-based ordering solutions.


A customizable, scalable, and loyalty-enabling platform for multi-unit restaurants purpose built by digital transaction experts.

Own Your Brand

Brand-aligned mobile-first online ordering that goes far beyond templated layouts. Fully featured API to “skin” your own site for a fully customized customer experience.

Custom Menus

Increase transactions and ticket sizes and reduce friction with custom menus that work for your brand. Unlimited nested modifiers for all menu items for the most complex menu item setups and layouts.

Adaptive Ordering

For teams and customers on the go or at home our responsive design for web, mobile, app and call center provides optimal guest experiences.

Backend Menu & Location Management

Shared pricing and menu configurations to update multiple locations quickly and easily. Limit menu item or category availability by time of day, day of week and program LTOs without intervention.

Demand & Capacity Management

Complex capacity management rules allow the control of orders to ensure restaurants are not overwhelmed. Flexible and configurable lead times handle rushes and seasonality by location.


Pickup, delivery, curbside and drive-through fulfillment features for your takeout and catering ordering channels – each with their own business rules.


“I was impressed by the inner workings of Onosys, and how they had all their ducks in a row. Their development team was very, very strong. The project was on time and very successful. Our check averages were much higher on Onosys. When we rolled out with Onosys, we had 0 technology reports of issues from the customer. They even built a loyalty system for us.”

Matt Son

VP, IT Systems, Enterprise Restaurant Systems

"Onosys’ platform was built with an “operator-first” mindset.  It’s designed to to fit operators’ needs vs. requiring them to fit a pre-designed template.  Its features are built to deliver what every operator needs - a differentiated brand, growing sales, maximizing profits and minimizing operational friction."

Dan Wegiel

Onosys board member and former Chief Growth and Strategy Officer of Panera

"Their platform meets the complex requirements of the Giordano’s Brand and enables us to not only deliver a great experience to our guests but also to drive incremental sales. I find the executive, development and client success teams at Onosys to be agile and flexible implementing integrations to move our business forward."

Jason Levinson

Vice President of IT, Giordano’s
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