Flexible Online Ordering System for Pizza Restaurants
Highly customizable. Endless menu configurations. Integrated into the restaurant systems you love.
Onosys Knows Pizza

We’ve worked with leading pizza clients like Dion’s, Boston’s and Giordano's over the past 17 years, developing an understanding of the unique complexities of the pizza restaurant industry. 

Complete Menu Control

Inventory, pricing, promotions, and trends - the pizza market is constantly changing! Onosys enables your restaurant to make unlimited changes to your menu at the click of a button.

• Handle unique and challenging pricing configurations, including those tricky toppings
• Adjust menu based on fluctuating inventory
• Various product and topping template configuration to bring your unique pizza brand to life
• Manage multiple promotions for different days of the week

Restaurant System Integration

Being the industry-leading expert in online pizza ordering solutions, we know every restaurant uses a unique software combination. That’s why we will integrate and partner with the ones you already use.

• Point-of-sale (POS)
• Payment Providers
• Loyalty programs
• Gift cards

Call Center Features

Onosys Call Center can be used inside a call center, your pizzeria’s front desk, or even via a tablet tool. Fewer call interruptions means your staff can focus on what they do best: making great pizza and delivering the highest quality customer service.

• Limit staff distraction
• Use dedicated staff for high income call volume
• Capture the 15-20% of calls that normally go unanswered without a call center solution

Third-Party Delivery

Own your customer by taking orders directly from your branded online ordering site and leverage a third-party provider for delivery. The benefits include:

• Integrate with leading delivery service providers including DoorDash Drive and Uber Direct (coming soon)
• Reduce third-party marketplace fees
• Subsidize or pass delivery costs along to the consumer
• White glove catering delivery and setup


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