How Does Onosys Integrate With Every Point-Of-Sale And Third Party Marketplace?

Here at Onosys we maintain our own library of POS (point-of-sale) integrations with a lot of our client base. But if you scan the technology landscape, you’ll find that there are hundreds of POS technologies to choose from.

And while it's nearly impossible to have an integration with all of them, we have formed a relationship and partnership with ItsaCheckmate, a company very well known in the industry for their breadth of POS integrations on one side and delivery marketplaces on the other.

ItsaCheckmate are leaders in integration. They strictly work behind the scenes managing menus and pushing them out to third party marketplaces, receiving orders and injecting them to the chosen POS. The team at Onosys decided to partner up with ItsaCheckmate to give our brands access to a broader range of third party marketplace integrations.

How Onosys Works With ItsaCheckmate

Onosys can create an integration with ItsaCheckmate that allows ItsaCheckmate menus to be synced with Onosys. This allows Onosys to push orders into ItsaCheckmate and then into the choice POS if Onosys doesn’t happen to currently support that particular integration.

Here at Onosys we promote ourselves as a direct-to-consumer play for your restaurant brand. Our partnership with ItsaCheckmate means that we can remain your direct channel. Third parties own customer data and they often take a lot of commission on every transaction. So we feel that if Onosys can focus on that direct channel, and we don't profit from any third party orders, then we’ve succeeded in aligning our incentives with the incentives of your restaurant brand.

In addition, this frees Onosys up to better focus on helping you grow your direct channel. As we continue to develop our product offerings, we aim to become the best in the space at growing your direct channel and helping you take the consumers that are currently interacting with you through third parties and help them interact with you directly.

ItsaCheckmate, on the other hand, remains focused on getting orders from whatever channel they're coming from into your POS. These orders could be from Onosys or some other third party, but they’re not incentivized to try to generate more transactions through third parties. So if we can work with them, and provide an entire solution set with a direct channel and third party marketplace integrations, we fully believe you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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