What Metrics Should I Track In My Web Ordering Platform?

Important Web Ordering Platform Metrics

The top metric you should be tracking in your web ordering platform is going to be order volume. Order volume, or your total number of transactions, is ultimately where your revenue is coming from.

Another important metric to track and understand is your customers' satisfaction when using your web ordering platform. You want to know as soon as possible if they are having difficulty in achieving their goal, which is to order and enjoy your food.

Ultimately, customers are there to eat. Although from a business perspective we’re focused on driving transaction volume, from a customer perspective it's really just about their individual order and whether or not they’re happy with it. Tools like Google Analytics can help you map out and measure customer experiences to determine if it’s good or not, why, and what might be done to address issues if the experience falls short of expectation.

Customer-Facing Metrics

At Onosys, we’re interested in answering these questions in quantitative as well as subjective ways. For instance, while conversion rates are an important metric that can tell a story, individual feedback can be just as critical. Something as simple as surveys after an order that asks a customer if they were happy with it or not can be especially insightful.

In the case of surveys and questionnaires, it can be important to refine your questions to the individual item level. For example, maybe certain items aren't traveling well during delivery and are arriving cold or messy, or they're just not desirable by the time they make it to some customers.

As a restaurant operator this might help you determine whether or not that item should be available for online ordering, or if you need a different kind of container or some other operational solution to ensure customer satisfaction.

That’s why at Onosys we strive to empower individual restaurant operators to make these types of changes and seek their feedback. We want to make sure the customer journey is actually a good one for each individual customer and not just for the business as a whole.

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