How Long Does It Take To Get A Web Ordering Platform Up And Running, And What Are The Stages?

Whether you are a small eatery or a large restaurant chain, a web ordering platform will give you access to new customers, increase your takeout business and improve your profit margin. Putting together a successful web ordering platform, however, requires lots of planning, design and white labeling to get the branding just right.

Steps to a Successful Web Ordering Platform

For a simple web ordering platform, it might take as little as a week to complete. But in most cases, it will take as long as a couple of months to implement a complete digital ordering system. This is because of its more complicated features like the menu and integrating it with the POS system.

Transmitting Orders

A successful system requires a lot more than just a web page. Our team will have to strategize and work with you to determine how to get the digital platform working with your current ordering system. Your options include having an IP printer, e-mail or tablet that will notify you whenever an order is received from the web. These are the quickest and easiest ways to get you up and operating online as fast as possible.  

We can also design a procedure that works with your current POS system. It will take a month or two to fully integrate the two systems.

Once your web ordering platform has been launched, there will be a learning curve. This is true for the novice and the experienced restaurateur alike. There may also need to be some adjustments made as you discover and become more familiar with the system. Embrace this time of learning as it will help you to improve in every area of your business from the menu to operations.

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