What Is A Restaurant Online Ordering Platform?

A restaurant online ordering platform is a system that allows restaurants to take orders from customers online. With it you can collect customer data and everything that is needed for the order including customer name, contact information and pickup instructions. It can accept orders directly from your website or a third-party vendor.

“37 percent of restaurants are offering online ordering and 32 percent accept mobile payments, according to industry statistics.”


Why is it Important to Have an Online Platform?

An online platform improves efficiency by making the receipt of orders a seamless process. It will help you better organize, keep track of and fill your food orders. Whether orders are placed directly on your site or through a third party marketplace like DoorDash, Uber Eats or Grub Hub, it is expedient and convenient because everything will come to one place. Operationally, working with just one system will ensure that the order gets to your kitchen faster and with no hiccups. We can set it up so it will go directly to a printer or tablet, whichever you prefer.

A Restaurant Online Ordering Platform Can Increase Sales

Implementing an online ordering system can also give your restaurant more exposure. Along with your website, it gives you another way to be found online. Additionally, it makes your menu readily accessible and your brand more noticeable to potential customers. Repeat customers will also appreciate the system. No more being confused about what they ate the last time they ordered from you. They can simply look at their history and wallah - there it is.

Get Added Customer Information With an Online Ordering Platform

Lastly, using an online ordering platform will give you a chance to collect more information from your customers. It is a convenient way to learn about your customers and get important data from them that you can use for future promotions. When they sign up, you will get their cell phone number, e-mail address and you can even ask for their birthday.  Having this information in a hub will make it easy for you to send ads and special offers for birthdays or loyalty programs.

Implementing an online ordering platform in your restaurant can improve operations, increase sales and drive repeat business. It is a must-have for growth in today’s restaurant industry.

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