Why Are Call Centers Important To Restaurants?

Call centers create a lot of efficiency for restaurants. We hear from many of our restaurant partners that they miss a lot of phone calls in the store during peak hours. If you're missing a phone call, that is a missed opportunity for revenue. Depending on your average check size, you might be missing out on $20 or more per missed call. This lost revenue can add up fast.

If you don't have the staff, or if your staff isn't able to focus on answering the phone, then maybe a call center is a good solution. A call center will answer every single phone call that's coming in and you will not miss an order. And while there is a cost in paying a call center to manage these incoming calls for you, that cost is quickly recovered when you're collecting all of that revenue from those orders that you weren't getting because you couldn’t answer the phone.

Another benefit to a call center is operational efficiency. Many of our operating partners have told us that when the phone rings at a busy time, it can add to an already stressful work environment and detract from the overall quality of service in the restaurant. That phone either isn’t going to get picked up or the employee who does answer maybe isn't incented to take care of that customer or try to increase the check size. They’re focused on completing whatever their other task was before they picked up the phone.

With a call center, somebody else outside of the four walls of that restaurant is performing that customer service and upselling for you. The important part is how does that order get into the store? This is where Onosys can help. We've been doing this for a long time and we have an established web presence that consumers are already ordering from, and those orders are getting directly injected into the point-of-sale.

We designed our call center offering (both  in-house or third party) to be able to accept orders and route them through the same channels. We have an optimized interface that allows the reps to get through the process faster than most other call centers.

Because you're paying based on the length of call time, you want to try to shorten that length and create a fast end-to-end experience. And if you're collecting all of that revenue from those missed calls and you're using a tool set that allows for optimized call lines, you should have a very profitable phone business.

Even though the trend is accelerating away from phone calls and more to online ordering, there are still a very large number of people that want to pick up that phone and order, and we have solutions to help your restaurant brand efficiently take those orders.

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