How Is The Restaurant Industry Coping, Adjusting, Changing, Due To COVID-19?

How is the restaurant industry coping, adjusting, changing, due to COVID-19?

The restaurant industry has changed forever due to COVID-19.

Every single restaurant on the planet has been forced to rapidly understand that their digital technology presence is of paramount importance right now.

With every dine-in venue being closed, the only source of revenue for restaurants is takeout.

Online orders, call-in orders, and drive-through orders are the only current options.

Before COVID-19, it was common for well established brands to have a digital presence with 25-50% of digital takeout transactions. Now those digital order numbers are rapidly increasing.

Restaurants that have lagged in adopting digital technology are suffering.
There are a lot of brands that did not heavily invest. Now they are forced to close their locations because they don't have an established digital presence.

The solution is available. Onosys can put together a solution for multi-unit brands quickly- restaurants can start accepting digital orders in as little as a week. After the core of the platform is set up, it can be built out to the brand’s individual specifications.

This quick build out will be something that can get a restaurant brand collecting revenue again while trying to stay open in this time. Many brands don't have that and are suffering for it.

So what's going to happen after this?

Restaurants will reopen.

People are going to start dining-in again. But for restaurant owners, there's always going to be that, what if, in the back of their minds. What if this happens again?

Restaurants will want to be prepared.

This is going to cause a digital wave. It's going to wake everybody up in the restaurant industry to make sure that those direct digital channels are ready to utilize. It is extremely important.

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