What Kind Of Data Is Tracked And Stored In A Web Ordering Platform?

Types of Data We Track and Store

Here at Onosys, we collect a lot of data. We process a large volume of transactions so that means we have lots of customer data, transaction data, and general order information.

In addition, we also collect data from the behind-the-scenes operations. This behind-the-scenes data is relevant to our own platform and let’s us know how well it’s operating and its overall health.

We also track and store data from sources like Google Analytics. This helps us look at the numbers that apply to the experience of the customer to help measure important metrics like page load time and drop-off rate in the checkout process.

With this information in hand the team at Onosys can make sure our product and platform are operating in a healthy manner from both a backend and user perspective.

Making Sense of the Data

Everyone wants data; it’s the big thing these days and has been for a long time. But making sense of data is difficult and is something we’re always working on improving. Ultimately, we want to create more than just better reporting tools; we want to create tools that will provide meaningful insights to the average client.

Delivering raw data to a client can be useful for sophisticated operations, but individual operators, many of whom are partially or fully closed right now due to COVID-19, find themselves on their own trying to drum up business and may not have access to support from corporate entities. This is why we feel it’s important to get useful data into the hands of operators at any specific location so they have actionable insights.

These critical insights are often as simple as “We notice that this item is trending better during this part of the year”. Even if we aren’t able to discern why this is the case, we can still relay this information to the restaurant operator so they can put it to good use.

Beyond that we have all the basic reporting tools you have come to expect, tailored for both the corporate level and for individual restaurant operators. We can also deliver automatic daily reports by email or deliver raw data directly to your existing pipeline.

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