What’s The Financial Advantage Of A Restaurant Ordering Platform?

Having an online ordering platform is very beneficial for almost any restaurant brand. Having a platform gives you a centrally located place to drive customers to so that you can better drive revenue and meet your financial goals.

How an Online Ordering Platform Drives Sales

An online restaurant ordering platform is completely integrated with your existing POS (Point of Sale) system. This means that when a customer goes on your platform, they can choose what they want and their order gets placed right into your POS system. Your POS system then charges the credit card, you collect the money, and then it sends the order to the kitchen. At no point during this process is there a need for any physical or in-person exchange, so it’s an extremely efficient way for a restaurant to do business.

This contact-less integration also gives you the ability to drive a tremendous volume of sales. Our team at Onosys has seen our customers processing thousands of orders a day using an online ordering platform. And their average order size tends to be higher than both dine-in and carryout!

Our team at Onosys has found that customers really like online ordering platforms. Every year they're getting more and more comfortable using their smartphones and laptops and other electronic devices to order food online.

And, once you’ve built up brand recognition for online ordering, you can then drive your customers to that platform and to your website. Here you can easily advertise a wide variety of special offers and promotions, including new or seasonal items. An online ordering platform really gives you another way to drive customers to your restaurant.

How We’ve Helped Our Customers

One of our Onosys customers has leveraged their online ordering platform to drive a significant amount of sales volume. In one week they processed 204,000 orders which generated $7.3 million of revenue while only paying $8,000 a week.

With another Onosys customer our team was able to set them up in just two weeks. After that they placed 8,200 orders on the platform the first week and drove over $416,000 in revenue at a cost of about $3,000 a week for the platform.

So online ordering platforms are a great vehicle to drive significant order volume and significant revenue to a restaurant.

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