How Does A Restaurant Brand Enable Delivery In 2021?

Restaurants have quite a few options to enable delivery in today's world. The easiest method with the lowest barrier to entry is to sign up for the many third party American marketplaces. But this isn’t necessarily the best way for restaurants to enable delivery.

Yes, you're going to get your menu out there. Yes, they'll handle the marketing for you. Yes, you're going to get orders and drivers will come and pick them up and deliver your food. But you're going to be paying very high fees and, most importantly, you're not going to own your customer data and you're not going to be able to control that end-to-end experience.

Having a direct ordering channel that can help you power delivery in various ways is really beneficial. You want customers to come directly to you, but how do you take those customers that are coming directly to you and still offer delivery?

That’s where Onosys can help. We have tools that can send your customers through a normal delivery flow, much like you've see on any ecommerce website with delivery, and power that delivery in various different ways: utilizing some of the major third parties delivery fleets, like DoorDash or Postmates, or it could be through your own delivery fleet.

What Onosys can offer is a very sophisticated rules engine that allows you to decide when you want to provide certain types of delivery. We can keep the customer experience branded and consistent, regardless of how that delivery is performed behind the scenes.

We can also offer a hybrid model where you can use your usual delivery staff for high-value orders to own the end-to-end experience but manage your other orders using third party platforms. Another scenario might be if you have a catering business and not only do you want to offer delivery drop-off at the door, but you also want to offer white glove delivery where drivers come in and set it up. That's going to require an entirely different partner than you'd get with the DoorDashes of the world. And Onosys is here to help you with that.

We're focused on building tools for our restaurant brands to control their own destiny and operate the way they need to operate to best succeed.

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