How Customizable Is Your Web Ordering Platform?

Customizability is one of the things that we've always prided ourselves on here at Onosys. We encourage our clients to make sure their branding comes through as strongly as possible on our platform.

We go to great lengths to make sure that the header and the footer on the ordering site look like the authentic, branded corporate website. We extend this commitment to customer branding to things like colors, fonts, logos, and photos. Whatever branding material you have is guaranteed to be incorporated into the ordering site from the get-go. Outside of the platform we also ensure that your logo is well positioned in the customer confirmation email so your customers keep you top-of-mind.

Customizing Integrations

We also offer numerous integrations that we can independently configure for different clients and even for different locations within the same franchise. Our platform is so robust that we can make store-level changes to things like POS integration, payment processing, gift card integrations, and loyalty integrations.

To make integrations as easy as possible, we encourage brands to work internally to make things similar across the board to prevent issues. But ultimately we have the flexibility to get down to the store level when we need to.

Beyond these customizable capabilities, however, we also offer a fully branded, native ordering app.

Branding in Our Native Ordering App

A native ordering app is something we began offering only a few years ago. We firmly believe that this app adds something that is sometimes missing from the experience of other ordering providers that are out there: it’s a turnkey app where customer branding comes through strongly. This is a service that you don't often get from other ordering providers.

But why use our ordering app over another? You know that you need the app to work and to give you the function you need, but the brand aspect is often missing. Ask yourself these questions:

How many of your marketing dollars go to those types of branding decisions?

How much money is spent on the research that goes into making sure that your brand feels right to your customer base and your target audience?

Is it worth it for those dollars to just disappear from one of the most important processes in customer ordering?

This is why Onosys encourages companies in the restaurant industry to consider and ensure their brand experience is coming through into their platform.

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