At What Scale Does It Make Sense to Have a Custom Online Ordering Platform?

While Onosys is typically an enterprise level platform that serves businesses with 50 or more locations, we also have a number of brands that manage 10, 20, or 30 locations. And even these smaller businesses are seeing huge returns on their investments in a custom online ordering platform.

When to Switch to a Custom Online Ordering Platform

When making the decision to switch to a custom online ordering platform, our team at Onosys recommends looking at your transaction value in addition to your number of locations. To illustrate why transaction value is important when considering a custom online ordering platform, let’s walk through an example.

Let's say you have 10 locations and in each location you can push upwards of 1,000 transactions through the platform a week. That's a total of 10,000 transactions per week. If your average order size is $20, that's $200,000 in revenue a week. Now the question becomes: how much would you need to spend on marketing to get $200,000 in revenue?

It's not necessarily about the number of locations but about how well you can drive revenue through your online ordering platform. And our team at Onosys is dedicated to providing a very well branded online ordering experience for your customers. We have a very easy to use, intuitive platform. We have demonstrated that this approach can deliver significant results as we have a much higher average online order size from a dollar perspective than either dine-in or carry-out.

So if you do decide to make the investment and you know you can push enough transaction volume through the platform, you are almost guaranteed a great return on that investment.

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