Does A Restaurant Ordering Platform Increase Revenue?

Digital online ordering platforms can have a large impact on revenue.

There are many different ways you can capitalize on this. One common strategy is to use third-party marketplaces to help make customers aware that (1) you offer takeout food and (2) that you are getting in the digital space.

Once your customers order from you on a third-party marketplace, you can then drive them to your own online ordering site where they can get comfortable utilizing your online ordering tools.

Optimizing With Your Brand

Our team at Onosys has a customized, brand-first approach to building online ordering platforms for our customers. We capitalize on your already-existing brand so that all the money that you put into it translates to an authentic brand experience for your customers, all driven through your customized online ordering platform.

Our team also builds websites that are easy to use. This is important because if your website is intuitive, customers are going to come back and use it more and more. This gives you the opportunity to drive even more volume through your online restaurant ordering platform.

Marketing With Your Ordering Platform

An online restaurant ordering platform can also become a powerful marketing tool. Many brands have a limited amount of money they can spend on marketing, so being able to drive customers to their website is critical.

Once your customers are on your website, you’re in a great position to offer promotions, coupons, specials, and seasonal items to boost engagement and sales, especially around events like the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals.

Our team at Onosys has found that, on average, online orders are at least 20-25% higher than both dining-in and carryout orders combined.

Online restaurant ordering platforms are another vehicle that business owners can use to drive revenue.

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