We're Here to Help! Onosys and Covid-19 Read More

To everyone in the restaurant industry you have our deep empathy and support as you face one of the greatest challenges to yourselves and your business in decades.

Onosys has the capability to allow all of our employees to work from home without any disruption to their day-to-day responsibilities which enables us to provide a safe work environment for our team members and continue to fully support you.

Contact us for advice.

We have a view across all our customers and how they are making quick changes to ensure they can leverage technology to continue to serve their customers – online ordering, third party delivery and customer support, for instances.

Contact us for support. If you have challenges with changing employee roles and efforts we can advise you on how best to work to redeploy and maximize your employees using your Onosys technology as you shift to 100% out-of-restaurant service.

Contact us with need. Some restaurants are greatly challenged financially and we welcome collaborative conversations to help you not just survive but succeed through these tough times.

Contact us for gratitude. One of our greatest honors is to support this industry we love and we’re dedicated to. You are all being heroes working to make the best of a very tough circumstance as you provide a critical and necessary service. We would enjoy telling you how much respect we have for you and how much we appreciate you continuing to feed America.

Contact us at COVID19@Onosys.com.

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