When it comes to order specificity, a pizza menu beats all: endless combinations of toppings, pie sizes and – don't forget – coupon deals. How this was ever managed in the pre-computer days … we don't even want to know. Now, however, it happens automatically and online through the ONOSYS system.

Key Features

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Pizza Builder

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Combo Builder

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Street Level Mapping

Mirror Image

Our system mirrors each restaurant's menu and operational processes and fully integrates with most POS systems. Additionally, our intuitive up-sell feature prompts customers to consider add-ons as if they were talking to an order-taker – only without being rushed or being put on hold.

Labor Saver

Speed is paramount in a pizzeria, and with online ordering, employees spend more time making pies than picking up phones. Accurate transactions head right to the store's system and payment is handled by credit card. And with our advance ordering feature, customers can order 24-7 and specify future pickup or delivery times.

Limited Clicks

Customers are creatures of habit, nearly always ordering the same toppings combos. That makes our Repeat Order a boon for said creatures, who don't like change. They can review past orders and simply click "Repeat Order," saving them the merciless toil of clicking "mushroom, pepperoni and soft drink" all over again.