This is one of the most rapidly evolving segments in the restaurant business and its contemporary customer base are always looking for the fastest and most reliable online ordering solution. Good thing we have it for you.

Key Features

Order Anywhere You can use your mobile devices as well as your computer to order online. Click to see full screen.

Order Anywhere

Customized Design ONOSYS fits your ordering system to fit into your restaurant brand. Not just slapping your logo onto the top of the page.

Customized Design

To-Go or Catering Click to see full screen.

To-Go or Catering


Few fast casuals could be accused of offering too few choices, so it's imperative an online ordering system manage every detail down to the inevitable request for "dressing on the side." Our system allows customers to modify sandwiches, salads, soups, baked goods, breakfast – let's just say special orders don't upset it. Our cool up-sell feature also prompts them to consider margin-building add-ons.


Sure, your restaurant's gorgeous, but customers are increasingly consuming food offsite. The ONOSYS system is uniquely equipped to handle online catering menus of any size. Be it pricing, recommended portions, requests for handsome delivery drivers (OK, not that), setup preferences or service charges, no detail is too small for our online ordering platform.

Quick Clicks

Customers habitually order the same thing, which makes our Repeat Order feature a must. Sure, they'll consider something different for about 30 seconds, but they'll appreciate knowing they can click "Repeat Order" without clicking "blueberry bagel, toasted, cream cheese with a large mochaccino" all over again.

Increased Productivity

The more orders you can put through an online ordering system, the more food production is simplified. Unlike that noisy phone and flirty walk-in customer, our system puts orders directly into the POS system without making a sound. That means employees are less harried and better able to prepare food.

Group Ordering

Large groups are increasingly turning from morning donuts to better-for-you breakfasts, which makes our Group Ordering function a natural. One customer starts the order at your website and sends an email inviting others to glom on. Each enters his own specifics and pays independently, the order is prepared as one transaction, and the game of "Who ordered the buttered brioche?" is over for good. Plus, with our Advance Order feature, orders can be placed 24-7 with future pickup or delivery times.