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Research shows customers dig online ordering – love it way more than ordering over the phone. It also shows they spend an average of 20 percent more because they get to view all menu options and order at their own pace – yeah, without the busy employee hurrying them.

But a great online ordering system must also serve the restaurant operator's needs of accuracy, efficiency and marketing – and do it all automatically. That's the ONOSYS Online Ordering system. Our solution handles online sales and leaves you to count the profits.

Choose Your Specialty

When it comes to order specificity, a pizza menu beats all: endless combinations of toppings, pie sizes and – don't forget – coupon deals. How this was ever managed in the pre-computer days … we don't even want to know. Now, however, it happens automatically and online through the ONOSYS system.

Mirror Image

Our system mirrors each restaurant's menu and operational processes and fully integrates with most POS systems. Additionally, our intuitive up-sell feature prompts customers to consider add-ons as if they were talking to an order-taker – only without being rushed or being put on hold.

Labor Saver

Speed is paramount in a pizzeria, and with online ordering, employees spend more time making pies than picking up phones. Accurate transactions head right to the store's system and payment is handled by credit card. And with our advance ordering feature, customers can order 24-7 and specify future pickup or delivery times.

Limited Clicks

Customers are creatures of habit, nearly always ordering the same toppings combos. That makes our Repeat Order a boon for said creatures, who don't like change. They can review past orders and simply click "Repeat Order," saving them the merciless toil of clicking "mushroom, pepperoni and soft drink" all over again.

When you think food portability, speed and drive-thru, you think sandwich concepts. Online ordering turbo-charges sandwich production and sales.

High Speed Labor Saver

With no phones ringing and shorter order cues in the store, employees can focus on production. Online transactions are accurate, paid for by credit card – talk about a time saver at the store – and head right to the POS system.

Limited clicks

Customers shopping online browse lots, but nearly always order the same items. Our Repeat Order feature is perfect for one-click quick transactions, letting customers review past orders and simply click "Repeat Order" without having to click "whole wheat, salami, bacon, cheese, lettuce, onion and mustard" – yet again.

Group ordering

Nothing cuts down on phone time and order inaccuracy like our Group Ordering feature. One customer starts the order at your website and sends an email inviting others to glom on. Each enters their own specifics and pays independently, the order is prepared as one transaction and the "Who ordered the corn beef?" guessing game is gone for good.

Hiring a private chef is a bit pricey, but customers want restaurant quality meals at home. Casual dining restaurants are bridging that gap by providing more carryout options.

Customer rewards

Restaurants are leaders in customer rewards programs, but points tracking can be a real drag if users are baffled by the system. ONOSYS's detailed and flexible database not only lets customers see their progress at the restaurant's website, it allows operators to learn their clients' preferences, market to those desires and reward their best customers.

Take it to the curb

Curbside pickup service is one of the fastest growing trends in casual dining, and our online ordering system makes it even faster and much more accurate. The harried hostess isn't taking calls, and the orders are accurate because customers entered them.

Daypart flexibility

Don't worry about menu price changes from lunch to dinner, we taught our system to tell time long ago. That means it handles all daypart price changes automatically


Don't be offended if you've got the prettiest restaurant in the city, but your customers ask to eat your food at home. That love of entertaining "at the ranch" represents a great – and growing – opportunity for catering through casual restaurants, an option best managed through an online catering menu. Be it pricing, portion recommendations, delivery and setup preferences or service charges, no detail is too small for our platform.

This is one of the most rapidly evolving segments in the restaurant business and its contemporary customer base are always looking for the fastest and most reliable online ordering solution. Good thing we have it for you.


Few fast casuals could be accused of offering too few choices, so it's imperative an online ordering system manage every detail down to the inevitable request for "dressing on the side." Our system allows customers to modify sandwiches, salads, soups, baked goods, breakfast – let's just say special orders don't upset it. Our cool up-sell feature also prompts them to consider margin-building add-ons.


Sure, your restaurant's gorgeous, but customers are increasingly consuming food offsite. The ONOSYS system is uniquely equipped to handle online catering menus of any size. Be it pricing, recommended portions, requests for handsome delivery drivers (OK, not that), setup preferences or service charges, no detail is too small for our online ordering platform.

Quick Clicks

Customers habitually order the same thing, which makes our Repeat Order feature a must. Sure, they'll consider something different for about 30 seconds, but they'll appreciate knowing they can click "Repeat Order" without clicking "blueberry bagel, toasted, cream cheese with a large mochaccino" all over again.

Increased Productivity

The more orders you can put through an online ordering system, the more food production is simplified. Unlike that noisy phone and flirty walk-in customer, our system puts orders directly into the POS system without making a sound. That means employees are less harried and better able to prepare food.

Group Ordering

Large groups are increasingly turning from morning donuts to better-for-you breakfasts, which makes our Group Ordering function a natural. One customer starts the order at your website and sends an email inviting others to glom on. Each enters his own specifics and pays independently, the order is prepared as one transaction, and the game of "Who ordered the buttered brioche?" is over for good. Plus, with our Advance Order feature, orders can be placed 24-7 with future pickup or delivery times.

The party starts right here with detailed, complex orders for large groups. Our system manages this perfectly.

Details, details

Catered orders aren't just sacks of sandwiches and sodas, they're entrees and sides and beverage choices and platters and hot items and cold items – well, you get the point. They're also highly detailed, so our system allows customers to see every option available and handle the customizing themselves – right down to requesting garbage bags and extra napkins.

No Waiting for Payment

Since online transactions are paid in advance by credit card, your restaurant will never again wait for payment on a large outlay of food, beverage and service. You'll never put "catering fees" in your "receivables" column again!

24-7 Ordering

Customers use computers when it's convenient, not when other businesses are open. That makes our system's 24-7 ordering feature a benefit to all. No one has to answer the phone and dictate a long catering order, and customers can take their time ordering everything they want. And then changing that order all over again, which they always do. Which doesn't matter to our system. It's used to it and it can take it.