The party starts right here with detailed, complex orders for large groups. Our system manages this perfectly.

Key Features

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Box Lunches

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Tax Exempt

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House Accounts

Details, details

Catered orders aren't just sacks of sandwiches and sodas, they're entrees and sides and beverage choices and platters and hot items and cold items – well, you get the point. They're also highly detailed, so our system allows customers to see every option available and handle the customizing themselves – right down to requesting garbage bags and extra napkins.

No Waiting for Payment

Since online transactions are paid in advance by credit card, your restaurant will never again wait for payment on a large outlay of food, beverage and service. You'll never put "catering fees" in your "receivables" column again!

24-7 Ordering

Customers use computers when it's convenient, not when other businesses are open. That makes our system's 24-7 ordering feature a benefit to all. No one has to answer the phone and dictate a long catering order, and customers can take their time ordering everything they want. And then changing that order all over again, which they always do. Which doesn't matter to our system. It's used to it and it can take it.