Hiring a private chef is a bit pricey, but customers want restaurant quality meals at home. Casual dining restaurants are bridging that gap by providing more carryout options.

Key Features

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Item Configurator

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Time Based Categories

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Customer rewards

Restaurants are leaders in customer rewards programs, but points tracking can be a real drag if users are baffled by the system. ONOSYS's detailed and flexible database not only lets customers see their progress at the restaurant's website, it allows operators to learn their clients' preferences, market to those desires and reward their best customers.

Take it to the curb

Curbside pickup service is one of the fastest growing trends in casual dining, and our online ordering system makes it even faster and much more accurate. The harried hostess isn't taking calls, and the orders are accurate because customers entered them.

Daypart flexibility

Don't worry about menu price changes from lunch to dinner, we taught our system to tell time long ago. That means it handles all daypart price changes automatically


Don't be offended if you've got the prettiest restaurant in the city, but your customers ask to eat your food at home. That love of entertaining "at the ranch" represents a great – and growing – opportunity for catering through casual restaurants, an option best managed through an online catering menu. Be it pricing, portion recommendations, delivery and setup preferences or service charges, no detail is too small for our platform.