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We help local businesses grow by introducing them to high-quality new customers and give merchants the tools to make our members their regulars. And with multiple channels to reach a range of targeted audiences, we can make sure that you’re not just finding more customers, you’re finding the right ones.

Between our daily emails and organic traffic through our website and mobile app, your business will be in front of lots of valuable new customers in your neighborhood. Add in our incentivized social sharing and your brand will get a level of free advertising you can’t find anywhere else.

Find Great Customers

It’s not just about finding new customers – it’s about keeping them. A recent ForeSee study found that 91% of deal redeemers have already done business with the company again or plan to. On top of that, 29% of deal redeemers are brand new customers for a local business.

Increase Revenue

There are no up-front costs to running a promotion. Plus, we send you a check for payment of pre-paid vouchers soon after your business is featured, which means money in your pocket before most customers even walk through your door.