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When it comes to carry-out, delivery and catering, only 5 to 25 percent are ordered online. While this number continues to grow, customers are still placing orders by phone. So why not streamline the phone ordering process with the ONOSYS Call Center solution. Reduce labor costs, improve check averages, and enhance the customer experience while closing the loop on data collection across all ordering channels.

And since the ONOSYS Call Center solution is tied into the core ONOSYS platform there is no additional menu management. So whether the customer chooses to order online or by phone, you have access to profiles and preferences – making the call-in ordering process simple for them and smart for you.

Call Center Solutions

  • To-Go Standalone Call Center Outsource all inbound calls to a call center company that will input orders for your customers through the ONOSYS platform.
  • To-Go In-house Call Center Have all phone calls routed to your offices where your staff will input orders for your customers through the ONOSYS platform.
  • Catering Solution For use by the catering manager as the ordering system at the restaurant whenever a catering order is placed.
  • Catering Sales Platform Have catering agents place orders for any customers through a laptop or tablet right at the offices of the customers with a few simple clicks.

Why Call Center Counts

  • All data comes from the ONOSYS engine so menus are always in sync
  • Capture new customer data and pull up all past customer data
  • Call center customers can create an online ordering account
  • Conversational ordering interface design
  • Caller ID and sophisticated customer search
  • Easy access to repeat and modify previous orders
  • Full customer profile exposed to agent
  • Input any agent scripting required by the concept
  • Suggestive sell customers through the ONOSYS up-selling engine
  • Handle customer service inquires (complaints, item look-up, or store information)
  • Additional menu and store configuration available that will not be available to online customer
  • Customers receive email confirmation after they complete an order
  • Customers can also update existing orders with a simple phone call
  • Robust reporting for both the call center and restaurant operators