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How It All Started

When most of their Case Western Reserve University peers were searching for the next party, Oleg Friedman, Alex Yakubovich, and Stan Garber (pictured to the right) founded their first company, O-Web Technologies, in 2003. The trio's goal was to provide interactive media services to Cleveland-area businesses: a line of work they deemed more attractive than busing tables for tuition money.

But it wasn't until 2005 that the partners got a glimpse of their next big endeavor: serving up high-tech solutions to the tech-deprived restaurant industry. Rascal House Pizza reached out to the trio to help develop an online ordering solution. After surveying existing systems used in the restaurant space, Fridman, Garber and Yakubovich weren't impressed. So in the vast amount of free time available to students carrying full course loads, the gutsy pre-grads developed their own.

Their requirements for their system were simple: It must be user-friendly, flexible in its functionality, scalable, have a great UI, and backed by committed and friendly customer support. They named the system ONOSYS, which stands for Online Ordering Systems, and later adopted that as their company name.

Today ONOSYS is the online and mobile ordering backbone for more chains than any other online ordering company in the space. As a leader in the development of customer-specific applications, eye-catching designs, leading-edge technology and the delivery of unparalleled customer service, ONOSYS remains wedded to its founders' core mission created almost a decade ago: Give customers the best technologically and user friendly online ordering solution that turbo charges their to-go sales.