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More Powerful Than You Need to Know

but we’ll tell you everything anyways

  • POS integration
  • FAX/ IP Printer integration
  • Gift card integration
  • Robust reporting
  • In-store management dashboard utility
  • Store Closed/Holiday manager
  • Loyalty program
  • Easy menu administration
  • Easy coupon/specials administration
  • Easy repeat ordering
  • Multi-lingual support
  • PCI compliance certified
  • Online payment processing
  • Intelligent up-selling
  • Customer profiling
  • E-mail marketing integration
  • Enterprise & Franchisee tiered management
  • Delivery zone mapping
  • Robust catering options
  • Training assistance
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Hosted in a PCI/SAS70 compliant disaster recovery facility with remote backup

Intelligent Up-selling

ONOSYS can read minds. Well, sort of. Using artificial intelligence techniques developed with help from Case Western Reserve University professors, ONOSYS is able to recommend the items a customer is most likely to buy. This continuously-updating algorithm factors your customers’ ordering habits, time, and geographical location to tailor up-sells specific to each patron. Phew, that’s a mouthful. Luckily, all you need to know is that our up-selling features lead to a
25-35% higher average ticket increase and a nice boost to your bottom line.

Multi-lingual Support

¿Habla Español? Parlez-vous français? ONOSYS speaks three different languages: English, French, and Spanish. So, whether your menu includes hamburgers, burritos, poutines, or all three, we can help you serve your customers better.

Loyalty Program

When it comes to rewarding your customers for their loyalty, we know that one size does not fit all. ONOSYS works with your team to develop a unique loyalty program and criteria to reward your VIP customers in a manner tailored to your brand.

Don’t currently have a loyalty program? Worry not, we’ll help you get one going.

Performance Dashboard

In minutes, you can generate custom reports featuring the actionable data and trends you need on one easy-to-read page. You can easily share it with your management team to get the most out of your online ordering system.

You didn’t go into the restaurant industry because you were passionate about reading charts all day!

Group Ordering

What used to be a slow, manual chore for customers is now a quick and easy process. Great for offices and families, group ordering lets your customers invite others to order online rather than the usual feeding frenzy round-up. All of your patrons will get what they want and your managers won’t have to spend 30 minutes on the phone during lunch-rush. Win-win.


Online ordering is all about convenience. With customers spending less time on their PC’s and more time on their phones, it is more important than ever to allow your customers to order when they're away from their desks.